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The Senotherapeutic Network was founded to serve as the premier organization for studying and implementing senolytic therapies into clinical practice. We firmly believe that successful senolytic therapies are the necessary next step in advancing the fight against aging and promoting successful organ and tissue regeneration.
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STN works with practitioners across the globe to educate healthcare professionals about the science behind senolytics and senotherapeutics. Through a combination of live and virtual conferences, as well as ongoing communication with our member base, we are focused on advancing the field. We are also supporting research initiatives which can further diagnostic and therapeutic aspects as they relate to cellular senescence and senolytics.
As part of this commitment, we are developing the world’s
first Certified Senotherapeutics Practictioner program.
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We invite you to form part of our network. To learn and to educate. To share with us the intellectual and clinical challenges that are part of the field of senotherapeutics.
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